Judith Lucy, Vipassana, Yoga and a ‘Zen’ Football Star….

25 Aug

Fantabulous Episode of Judith Lucy’s Spiritual Journey…

When Judith discovered yoga, it literally changed her life. But is it just a cool way to get fit, or a genuine path to spiritual enlightenment? For answers, she gets cross-legged with a man who drives an orange kombi with the number plates “OMMMM” – university lecturer, swami and yogi Phil Stevens, and pays a visit to her guru, Shandor Remete, the Adelaide-based, Hungarian-born founder of Shadow Yoga.

She finds a surprise package in former Sydney Swans captain Brett Kirk, a premiership-winning AFL player and well-known tough-nut on the field, who used yoga, meditation, affirmations and spiritual practice to enhance his life as a professional footballer, and now beyond it. He offers advice for Judith’s journey, and manages unwittingly to make her fall just a little bit in love with him.

She catches up with a fast-talking Aussie Buddhist nun, Robina Courtin, to find out why it’s so hip for people to say they’re Buddhists, and throws herself into a version of Buddhist Survivor, as she joins a
ten-day Vipassana silent meditation retreat. Segregated from the males in the group, Judith will be getting up at 4am to do nothing but meditate, silently, all day, every day for ten days. No reading, no writing, no intoxicants and definitely no talking. Will she survive?

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