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What’s the World Think?

I stumbled across this wonderful piece of writing by Ed Halliwell and thought it worth a share…enjoy!

Society’s Perception of Meditation

Imagine going to your local doctor and suddenly discovering a shamanic healer has been made partner in the practice. Not only that, but all the conventional doctors are referring their most difficult cases to him, murmuring reverentially about his evidence-based magic skills. It would seem pretty surprising, no?

Well, that’s about the size of the seismic shift that’s taking place in our culture’s perception of meditation. In 1970, or even 2001, a meditating politician, teacher or policeman in the West would probably have deemed it prudent to keep their practice a secret, for fear of public ridicule—now we have openly mindful congressmen (see video below) and parliamentarians, and meditation is enthusiastically championed in government reports, school curricula and a vast range of other establishment settings.

read the rest of the article here…

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Where we’re at….

There’s been a tad of confusion in regards to the actual location of the Sydney MedMob on the 11th November, so thought it best to add a map and some simple directions to the Tarpeian Lawns.

There are three entry points to the Botanical Gardens that will lead you directly to the Tarpeian Lawns.

1. Enter via Macquarie St and walk along the Tarpeian Way path towards the Opera House.

2. Walk along the Harbour Foreshore to the far side of the Opera House and walk up the stairs to the Botanical Gardens. Turn right at the top of stairs and walk along Tarpeian Way.

3. Walk along the Harbour Foreshore and climb the steps to Macquarie St adjacent to ECQ Bar, Circular Quay. Then cross Macquarie St and walk along Tarpeian Way path towards the Opera House.

A more detailed Google Map can be found here

We hope to have some volunteers nearby with signage to assist those less familiar with the area.

Only a few weeks left!!!!

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MedMobs…Here, There and Germany!

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Tasty Food, Meditation and More at Sydney Cruelty Free Festival

Sydney Cruelty Free Festival 2011 kicks off on October 30…. With food stalls, live music, meditation workshops, yoga and more it’ll surely be an awesome day!

”This annual event is hosted by Animal Liberation NSW that aims to encourage people to make simple changes in their everyday lives to help save animals; changes such as buying products that haven’t been tested on animals, kinder dietary choices, fostering or adopting homeless animals, getting involved with and supporting animal rights, welfare, protection groups and charities.”

To find out more, please visit –

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The Countdown is on……

With only a tad over 3 weeks until MedMob Sydney, things are shaping up to be quite the silent spectacle…Be sure to spread the word amongst your friends, co-workers, family, barista, supermarket check-out lady, anyone!!! It’s our aim to bring together as much diversity as possible to promote peace, mutuality and to share in the goodness of this global movement now in over 140 cities worldwide!

If you’ve not done so already, please check out our facebook page at

Look forward to sharing the love on the 11th November.

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