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How about a Meditation Marathon for New Years Eve?

Looking for a great way to start off 2012? How about an all night Meditation Marathon?

”The Jhanathon is like a marathon, except that instead of running, you sit still. Or walk slowly. Or a bit of both. For a very long time… up to 12 hours, to be exact. Friends and family sponsor the participants in this feat of meditative endurance, and the funds go to support the wonderful things that happen at Santi Forest Monastery.”

Find our more or register at

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The Second Sydney MedMob

Round II will be on Saturday 10th December, 2011 in Hyde Park, Sydney. Once again the event will begin at 11am and round off after the Soundbath at 12:30. If you were not able to attend our first MedMob due to work or other commitments, this one’s for you!

We’ve created an event on our facebook page – If you’ve an account, please RSVP here and invite any friends who may be interested! If you’re not a facebook user, please take note of the following details, tell your friends and come join us on the day!

”After a blissful MedMob inauguration on the 11th November, MedMob Sydney II will kick off on Saturday 10th December, 2011 in Hyde Park, Sydney.

ARRIVAL: We’ll start arriving around 10:30am to connect with others before the meditation begins. At 10:55am we will spread throughout the sitting area outside, being conscious to keep public pathways open. Bring a mat or cushion to sit on.

Silence will begin at 11am sharp.

Then the 1 hour seated silent meditation begins! You can come for all of it, part of it, or kick back and bask in the peace. You’re presence is valued far more than your ability to sit the entire time!



We have no religious agenda and we welcome all beings, from all walks of life to join us for the mutual goal of peace, harmony and commonality. The more, the merrier!!!

BIKE, take bus, train, or Carpool to the event! The nearest stations are St James and Museum. If you need to catch a bus, please visit the Sydney Buses Website.

Map and directions will be posted on the event page and also the MedMobSydney Facebook in the coming days.

You can participate in all or part of the following.

MEDITATION: 11am – 12pm we will be sitting in silent meditation. Make sure not to block any public pathways, otherwise, sit anywhere you like… spread out all over the place and lets create a profound experience. Show up early and connect or you can show up anytime between 11am and 12pm and start sitting.

FAMILIES and NON-MEDITATORS: If you have children, please come and sit or play nearby, while holding a deep intention with us. Your beautiful, loving energy will deepen the experience for everyone!

SOUND BATH: At 12pm we will begin the sound bath. We will all gather in one spot at the centre of our group to do an 11 minute sound bath. We will ommmm and expand it into the world. When you hear the sound bath begin just start to congregate in the center. After the sound bath, the MedMob is officially over and the rest of our day begins!

MedMob’s Goal:

1. To expose the World to meditation through public display of meditation.

2. To create an environment for people from all walks of life to come together in meditation.

3. To come together as a Global Community to send positive intentions out into the world.

Visit for more details on setting up an event in your city.

We’re riding the wave at the forefront of Evolution!

Peace, Love & Metta, MedMob Team, Sydney”

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And the Video…

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MedMob Sydney – A Silent Success!

On Friday 11th November, MedMob Sydney had its inauguration in the Tarpeian Lawns, Royal Botanical Gardens. The event began with around 150 participants and almost doubled to nearly 300 by the end at 12:30. It was beautiful to see such a diverse participation with members from numerous spiritual communities and religious organisations. To share the space in unity with no leadership, hierachy or agenda was fantastic!!!

We’ll have photos, video footage and more up in the coming weeks. In the interim, you can view our gallery on the Facebook page, which can be accessed without an account.

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MedMob Sydney in – Top 5 free events!

”For all you numerologists out there (and I’m sure you’re just crawling out of the woodwork), this Friday 11/11/11 at 11am will kick off Sydney’s participation in the global meditation revolution with the Sydney Meditation Flash Mob.The event ischeduled for an hour in length, concluding with a 10 minute sound-bath (bring a towel?). The event is intended to bring together people of diverse ages, backgrounds and religions in silent unity, the world over.”

The best things in life are free and participation in Sydney’s first ever MedMob is priceless. Enjoy this article from Australia’s Everguide and kick off your weekend in peace!

Read the article here

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Yet Another Map to MedMob Sydney

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A Little Housekeeping…

– Ladies and Gentlemen, the time for MedMob is drawing near. Here’s an outline for the format of the event. We’ll also have it posted up on the day.

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