Tarpeian Lawns, Royal Botanical Gardens – Where, When and Why?

03 Nov

There’s been plenty of suggestions in regards to MedMob locations for Sydney and hopefully we’ll cover many of them in the near future. When considering locations for our inauguration, it was decided to try to find a place that offers both stunning views of Sydney landmarks as well being an inviting place to be together in silent unity.

Initially, the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House was decided upon due to the high pedestrian traffic and exposure. It was later deemed to be too impractical due to the high volume of construction work taking place. It was also a concern that temperatures in November often reach 30 degrees celcius and an hour on concrete in direct sunlight may be a little too intense.

After eliminating the Opera House Forecourt from the list, a few ideas were thrown around and finally it was suggested that the Royal Botanical Gardens would offer great views, grass, shade and a harmonious environment. So, The Tarpeian Lawns were found and although the venue itself offers a relatively low amount of pedestrian traffic, the atmosphere will nurture a feeling of community, mutuality and peace. With a few hundred people sharing the space in meditation, the MedMob ethos is as much about coming together as a community with positive intentions as it is to display publically the benefits of meditation.

Another consideration when choosing the venue was an environment that offers opportunity to create a unique film reel that is distinctly Australian. As Uluru was out of the question, The Opera House and Harbour Bridge were our next best thing in terms of iconic Australian landmarks. The film-reel created on the 11th will give opportunity to share an Australian MedMob flavour with the wider world.

So, there you have it…Tarpeian Lawns, green grass, shade and stunning views. Hope to see you on the 11th November.


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