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We’re almost there…. Can you offer a helping hand?

With only a few days left until Friday 11th November, the anticipation is rising. We’ve had a surge on interest in the past few weeks and it is expected that there will be some media coverage as well as photography and film reel! At last count, we’re up to over 230+ cities MedMobbing around the globe.

As could be expected, little preparation is required to stage a group meditation however there are a few ends that need to be tied and we could use your help…

We’re looking for around 6-8 people to simply assist in directing participants to the Tarpeian Lawns from Circular Quay, Macquarie St and Botanical Gardens. We’ll provide a dazzling sign, handcrafted by Primary School Children. All you gotta do is point it in the right direction.

If you think you’re able to assist, we’d need you from around 10am. Just drop us an email at

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Has Anyone Got A Gong?

We’re currently in the process of seeking out a large Asian Style Gong to mark the beginning and end of MedMob Sydney on the 11th November. So far all seeking has ended up rather fruitless and due to the obscurity of such an instrument, it’s certainly been a bit more difficult than initially thought.

If you’ve a gong, know someone who has or are willing to hire one out for a few hours on the day, your contribution would be greatly appreciated! If so, please drop us an email at


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Rain, Hail, Shine and MedMob?

There’s been many queries as to whether MedMob Sydney will go ahead in the event of rain or dreary weather. In short, the answer is ‘yes’ and Ill be there rain, hail or shine and I hope others will brave the weather too…The ambiguity of ever-changing weather forecasts from our friends at the Bureau of Meteorology has offered little solice and since my return from overseas I’m yet to have seen an accurate prediction. Taking such into account, I leave the decision up to mother nature!

Hope to see you and many others on the 11th November


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Tarpeian Lawns, Royal Botanical Gardens – Where, When and Why?

There’s been plenty of suggestions in regards to MedMob locations for Sydney and hopefully we’ll cover many of them in the near future. When considering locations for our inauguration, it was decided to try to find a place that offers both stunning views of Sydney landmarks as well being an inviting place to be together in silent unity.

Initially, the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House was decided upon due to the high pedestrian traffic and exposure. It was later deemed to be too impractical due to the high volume of construction work taking place. It was also a concern that temperatures in November often reach 30 degrees celcius and an hour on concrete in direct sunlight may be a little too intense.

After eliminating the Opera House Forecourt from the list, a few ideas were thrown around and finally it was suggested that the Royal Botanical Gardens would offer great views, grass, shade and a harmonious environment. So, The Tarpeian Lawns were found and although the venue itself offers a relatively low amount of pedestrian traffic, the atmosphere will nurture a feeling of community, mutuality and peace. With a few hundred people sharing the space in meditation, the MedMob ethos is as much about coming together as a community with positive intentions as it is to display publically the benefits of meditation.

Another consideration when choosing the venue was an environment that offers opportunity to create a unique film reel that is distinctly Australian. As Uluru was out of the question, The Opera House and Harbour Bridge were our next best thing in terms of iconic Australian landmarks. The film-reel created on the 11th will give opportunity to share an Australian MedMob flavour with the wider world.

So, there you have it…Tarpeian Lawns, green grass, shade and stunning views. Hope to see you on the 11th November.


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MedMob Sydney’s Imminent Arrival….

With only 11 days left until the MedMob Sydney inauguration, the interest has been ramping up. Hopefully with fine weather, we’ll be expecting at least 200 participants and may potentially be the largest ever public group meditation in Sydney!

As many already know, the event is from 11am – 12:30. The silent meditation space is open for an hour however MedMobbers are welcome to sit for whatever time they see meaningful and conducive to their own practice. It is the intention to provide such time that people can come, go, lie down, chill and bask in the peace rather than sitting the entire time. At Midday, all participants will convene in a circle for the soundbath, ‘ommming’ together for 13 minutes. Again, participation in the soundbath is completely optional.

To continue to ensure that MedMob Sydney is a sustainable, ongoing event that nurtures a sense of inter-relationship and community amongst diverse groups in our city, we’ll have a small stall at the event selling ethically sourced Nepalese handicrafts (a huge thanks to Alex Sebby for his kind donations). This will assist with ongoing promotional costs with MedMob Sydney and it is hoped in the near future to support charitable organisations to foster ‘meditation in action’.

A film reel of the event will also be created on the day and will be distributed to the wider world via social media, Youtube and the like. Gratitude is extended to Damith Herath ( for the filming and Hazzy Bee ( for the beautiful music.

We’d love you to spread the word and share the event with as many friends as possible. A number of other exciting monthly MedMob events are in the pipeline and will be held on weekends.

A big thanks goes out to all those who have assisted with the planning, development and promotion of this grassroots silent revolution.

Look forward to sharing the love on the 11th November!

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