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MedMobbing Around the Globe…


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Meditation in the Public Domain….Peace on Parade!

We’d love to have a diverse representation of people for our Moment Of Peace, MedMob on March 10th. Most of all, bringing Meditation into the public domain really demonstrates that to benefit from a Meditation practice, you don’t need to fit any mould. Many people find that aligning themselves with a Spiritual or Religious tradition greatly compliments their practice, however, it’s certainly not part of the essential criteria. Increasingly, we’re witnessing the emergence of Mindfulness and Meditation practice as a pragmatic tool that serves a wide range of purposes in daily living. This great video from Jon Kabat-Zinn really affirms this!

If you’ve not already, tell your friends, invite others and if you’re a facebooker, RSVP on our event page at –

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MedMob, The Moment of Peace and Bondi Beach…

There’s an abundance of wonderful initiatives popping up all around the globe that focus on nurturing community, harmony and exploration of our inner-space as a precedent for outer peace.

With MedMob and The Moment of Peace now in their second year, things are continuing to grow, develop and build in such a positive way, it’s only natural that we’d team up and joining forces. This year in Sydney for The Moment of Peace, we’re super-fortunate to have Dean ‘Jagaro’ Crabb, the founder of the movement joining us on Bondi Beach for a large-scale public Meditation, right on sunset!

To really make this event a spectacle, we’d love for you to share the word with others in your community. Past MedMob experience has proven that sitting together in silent, mutual harmony has a profound impact in deepening connections with others and even having an impact on the outer environment. Many times, people passing by have joined us, being drawn to the atmosphere and warmth silence can create.

So…March 10th! The Moment of Peace and MedMob, together on Bondi Beach at 6:30pm. Hope to see you there!!!

We’ll be getting out flyers out soon however it’d be great if you’re able to join our Facebook event page and register you attendance. You can also invite friends on the guest list. Find our page at  –

To find our more about The Moment of Peace, visit  –

The MedMob Movement –

MedMob Sydney –

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Presenting…. MedMob Bondi Beach – We’re Teaming Up With The Moment of Peace!

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